Thursday, May 3, 2007

The Special: The Grueling Adventures of Lang Commuters: Dana Angelo

By Estelle Hallick

Dana Angelo
20, Junior

Concentration: Playwriting

Commuted for: A year and a half, 2-3 days a week

Current Residence: East Village

Where did you live? I started commuting an hour and 15 minutes from Raritan, N.J., then my parents moved to Point Pleasant, N.J., turning my commute into a three hour journey.

Why commuting? I lived in the dorms at the School of Visual Arts my freshman year and hated it. I then transferred to Lang. I made plans to get an apartment with different friends and that fell through, so instead of subjecting myself to dorm life again I chose to commute.
My morning started at: 6 a.m. to catch a 7 a.m. train (Raritan) and 5-5:30 a.m. to catch a 6:42 a.m. train (Point Pleasant).

I can’t leave home without: Coffee and a non-school related book.

One time I forgot: To take an umbrella and had to buy one in the city because it was pouring out.

Cons: Getting up at the crack of dawn. But what was even worse was the commuters. All I could think is how I never wanted to be any of these people. The businessmen and women looked so miserable and void of any happiness in their lives. It was sad.

Pros: Time to do homework or read. I had tons of time with nothing to do except work. Now that I live in the city I have to force myself to sit down and get work done.
At the end of the day I felt: Tired and would usually whine to my parents about how much I hated commuting because my train was late or because some random person decided to talk to me.

In a perfect world I could: Own my own place at some point, instead of paying rent forever. That could happen more realistically in Brooklyn, although I hope that someday, somehow, I can afford to own an apartment in Manhattan. I would love to live over in the West Village or Chelsea, although I do love the East Village.

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