Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Reviews: Theater: A Year of Magical Thinking

A Year of Magical Thinking. Directed by David Hare. Starring Vanessa Redgrave. 95 minutes. Booth Theatre, 222 W. 45th St. Limited engagement until August 25.

Death is never easy to talk about—especially when someone says: This will happen to you. The details will be different, but it will happen to you. For those who go to the theater to escape reality, Magical Thinking may be a bit too daunting. But if you are a fan of Joan Didion and are curious to see how her highly-received memoir translates to the stage, this is a theater experience worth embracing. The elegant, soft-spoken Redgrave shines with humanity and spirit in the role of Joan Didion, simultaneously dealing with the unexpected death of her husband and mysterious illness of her only child. Haunting, simplistic and distinctively intimate, A Year of Magical Thinking is a rare theater experience and one that stays with you even after the stage goes black. - Estelle Hallick

Rating: Let it move you.

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