Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Reviews: Music: Tom Morello's One Man Revolution

Tom Morello AKA the Night Watchman's One Man Revolution.

It seems a shame that Rage Against the Machine, the first radically political band to seduce the mainstream since the 70s, had to break up before our country found itself under the reign of the most piss poor president in history. Zach De La Rocha would have more material than ever for his lyrics. But until the Rage reunion tour (Rock The Bells), this July there's One Man Revolution, the solo album by Rage guitarist Tom Morello.

Morello's acoustic rock style sounds like your least talented friend's open mic performances. The vocals resemble Nick Cave if he lost all tonality and the lyrics are as generic and awkward as a pair of crotch-suffocating khakis. If you want folk songs about revolution, try the bands on Plan-It-X Records. Until then, RAtM are best off saving their mosh for the reunion. - Jon Reiss

RATING: What the world needs now is rage…sweet rage.

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