Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Reviews: Music: The Plutomatic Plutomatic's So Nice Say It Twice

The Plutomatic Plutomatic's So Nice Say It Twice.

You can't find The Plutomatic Plutomatic on the internet and when something doesn’t show up on Google, be wary before listening. The drummer may have it down, but the lyrics, tune and style are likely to give any listener a severe headache. Why the new British rock band The Plutomatic Plutomatic felt the need to include the song “Monster” twice on their new album So Nice Say It Twice*is beyond me. Out of the four songs on the album, this one is definitely the worst. The song "You Shout, You Shout, You Shout, You Shout" not only has a repetitive title but monotonous lyrics. It sounds like a garage band from high school somehow got their rich daddies to buy them a sound studio and, without any guidance or instruction, they made an album. If you like this sort of thing, head on over to Virgin Records and waste $9.99 on this vociferous and unsatisfactory album. Come on UK, just because you've got Joss Stone, The Beatles, Arctic Monkeys and even Sir Elton John himself under your belt, doesn't mean you can get to be lazy. - Alexandra Sourbis

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