Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Reviews: Film: Waitress

Waitress. Directed by Adrienne Shelly. Starring Keri Russell. Opens May 2.

Possibly the best part of this heartfelt yet unfunny dramedy is Jenna (Russell of Felicity fame) dealing with her repressed emotions through her confectionery creations. Imagine Pregnant-Miserable-Self-Pitying-Loser pie.

Set in the Deep South, complete with archetypal Southern character clich├ęs, Jenna is an unsatisfied waitress pregnant with an unwanted child, with no chance of escaping the life she loathes. Her two pals who work with her at Joe's Pie Diner, Becky (Cheryl Hines) and Dawn (writer/director Shelley, who was brutally murdered in her West Village apartment in November) seem to have good intentions, but their advice always falls flat, and so do their jokes. Whether one calls it empowering or just a chick flick, Waitress is downright adorable. - Julia Schweizer

Rating: Pies and Thighs

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