Thursday, May 3, 2007

News: Bizarre in Brief, Issue #15

By Estelle Hallick

WTF? Did you know that texting championships existed? Me neither, but a 13-year-old from Pennsylvania was crowned the new champion by texting "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" in 15 seconds. She admitted that she sends 8,000 text messages a month to friends and family. Wow. In other news, a NASA astronaut does not let a little planetary distance stop her from completing the Boston Marathon in a little over four hours. While her sister ran on the Earth, Suni Williams ran on a treadmill in space. And the weirdest news to date: the semester is almost over.

A New York couple is headed toward retirementby taxi. Like many in the city, the couple does not drive and refuses to fly (due to their cats). So when they met a friendly cab driver a few weeks ago, they offered him $3,000 plus gas, lodging, and food if he would drive them to Arizona. The cabbie ultimately agreed to what he said would give him �good memories.� The couple saved about $2,000 with this alternate form of travel.
P.S. The couple and the cabbie made it to AZ in one piece, last week.

LONDON (Reuters)
After a night out with his friends, a 24-year-old British man woke up with a phone number running through his head. On a whim, he text messaged the strange number. The receiver? A 22-year-old girl that was a little wary of answering at first. But in fairy tale fashion, she replied, they met up, fell in love and are now married. This text messaging Romeo still has no idea how he came up with the phone number.

A 48-year-old man was arrested this past weekend for driving drunk�on a lawnmower. Police noticed the intoxicated man driving by, not once but twice. The second time he was driving in the middle of the street. The lawnmower was later returned to his mother and he was released on a $650 bond. Let this be a lesson to us alldrinking alcohol and maintaining your landscape is a bad mix.

GERMANY (Ananova)
Beware of lakes, boys�or at least lakes in Bavaria. A 15-year-old-boy�s penis suffered minor injuries when a turtle bit through the boy�s swim shorts. But apparently that wasn't enough for the turtle, who also left a bad wound on the boy's hand. He later needed stitches. There have been no signs of the turtle since the incident, but the lake has since remained swimmer-free.

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