Wednesday, May 2, 2007

News: Around the Courtyard: Neighborhoods

What is the best and worst thing about where your neighborhood?

Interviewed by Cameron Paine-Thaler & Photographed by Amy Costello

"It's smallthat's bad, but it's quaintthat's good."
13th Street Dorms
-Sam Di
amond, Freshman

"The quiet is good, but the lack of subways is bad."
Alphabet City
-Ander Henderson, Senior

"The worstI live on the 2nd floor and there are two bars on the same street. But, Coldstone is a block away."
86th & 1st
-Christina Dallons, Junior

"I get cigarettes for five dollars! Worst is living above a coffee shop with late nights."
-Catherine Boutwell , Senior

"The best is it's cheap, the worst thing is the L train."
-Harlan Levine, Junior

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