Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Arts & Culture: Hide and Seek

Summer Hideaways for the Criminally Inclined

Relax and enjoy yourself in Tudor City, photographed by Matthew Mann.

By Nora Costello & Julia Schweizer

With summer fast approaching, it's time to roll those doobies and settle somewhere outdoors in the muggy June air with a forty o
f Old English cloaked in a paper bag. Here are the best spotsabandoned places, tucked away streets, and public parksthat are great for living it up, illicitly or otherwise, without the hassle. Get out and sop up the romance that NYC summers have to offer, just be warned that these Inprint staffers offer no guarantee that you'll avoid a fine. But what fun is summer without a brush with the law?

McCarren Park & McCarren Park Poo
l, Williamsburg Brooklyn
Lorimer St. & Bedford Ave.

The Pool
A new fence has recently blocked the back "entrance," seemingly made by a Hulk-like stretching of two wrought iron bars. Though dinky, the sharp wires present the potential for injury. However, the pool, which opened in 1936 and closed for more than fifteen years, can be accessed by scaling the front fence
a greater climb, but lesser risk if you can land on your feet. Three times larger than an Olympic pool, complete with stair-accessible watchtower for exploring and howling at the moon, this waterless pool is great for star-watching with lovers and friends on those magical summer nights. The pool is a host to daytime concerts and film screenings, open to the public. Last summer, the pool showcased the likes of Of Montreal, Deerhoof and Bloc Party.

The Park
Across the street from the old pool, this sprawling park offers a track, baseball diamonds, soccer fields, dog runs and giant trees under which friends, families and couples alike can be seen barbecuing and taking slugs from jugs of Carlo Rossi. On Sundays, teems of hip kids flock to the park for a kickball tournament.
L to Bedford Ave.

Tudor City, Manhattan

1st & 2nd Ave., between E. 41st and E. 43rd St.

Since the little old ladies and teacup terriers hide in the $2-million apartments from 9 p.m. onward, this 3-block enclave overlooking the United Nations is the perfect locale for evening mischief. South Park and
North Park are located at either side of Tudor City Place, the street that runs above 1st Ave. between 41st and 43rd St. As a bonus, the two playgrounds, which are (ahem�) easy to break into after their sundown closings, allow for many open container opportunities for you and friends.
4,5,6,7 to Grand Central; M15 to 42nd St.

Grand Ferry Park, Willi
amsburg, Brooklyn
Between Grand St., West River St. and the East River

Despite the adjacent power plant, this
waterfront is a gorgeous hideaway too tucked away to be bothered with by local authorities. This NYC park is complete with makeshift dog run, benches and gate-free access to the (filthy) East River waves lapping against the rocks. You could literally crawl down and touch the water, if that's your thing. It's perfect at twilight with a bottle of cheap red and a blanket, as you watch the city's tallest buildings fall asleep floor-by-floor.
L to Bedford or Lorimer

The Promenade. Photographed by Sam Lewis.

Brooklyn Heights Promenade

This 1/3-mile stretch of park located next to the BQE is scenic and conducive to summer smokin�. Sit back, relax and make out with a cutie on a park bench while taking in views of the East River and South Street Seaport. Got the munchies? Hit up nearby Grimaldi�s Pizza for some of BK�s finest.

A,C to High St; 2, 3 to Clark St.

Gay Street, West Village
This tiny street is full of pride, but ba
rren of nosy neighbors. Have a seat on any stoop and toke discretely in the cool summer evening. Then head over to the numerous head shops to explore wigs and dildos, a guaranteed delight.
1,9 to Christopher St; F,C,E to West 4th St

Gay Street. Photographed by Matthew Mann.

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