Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The Special: A Glimpse Behind the Curtain: The Board of Trustees

In Whom We Trust: The Members of the Board

By Josh Kurp

Henry H. Arnhold
Born in Dresden, Germany, Arnhold moved with his family to New York in 1937. He has been a member of the The New School's Board of Trustees since 1985 and serves on the advisory board for The New School’s World Policy Institute. He is co-chairman and director of Arnhold & S. Bleichroeder, Inc., an investment banking firm and international securities brokerage. The firm employs nearly 90 professionals with over $29-billion in profits. Mr. Arnhold is also the president of the Arnhold Foundation, which donates money to the New York Foundation for the Arts, among others.

Arnold H. Aro
nson (Vice Chair)
-Director of Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation
-Chairman of the
Board of Governors at Lang and serves on the Board of Governors at Parsons
-Has also served as chairman and CEO at Saks Fifth Avenue, Inc.

Diane P. Baker
Elected to the Board of Trustees in 2001, Bewkes began her career as a producer for ABC News, during which time she helped launch 20/20. She’s a rare breed at The New School—she won an Emmy for her production efforts at 20/20.
In the early '80s, she won a Writers Guild Award in Outstanding Television Documentary for a piece about Love Canal, an area in upstate New York that was used as a toxic waste dump by Hooker Chemical and Plastics Corporation. Outside of producing, she also writes and directs for television and film journalism. As if that weren’t enough, she is also on the Advisory Board for the Museum of Natural History.

Franci J. Blassberg
- Attorney at Debevoise & Plimpton LLP
- Named one of
the "100 most influential lawyers in America" by The National Law Journals
- Named Dealmaker of the Year by The American Lawyer

Steven H. Bloom

Richard J. Bressler
Now here’s a career: Bressler began at the Ernst & Young accounting firm in 1979, moved to Time Warner Inc. in 1988, and from March 1995 to June 1999, he served as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of the company. Then, from 2001 until 2005, Bressler
served as Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Viacom, Inc. He currently works a “humble” job as Managing Director at Thomas H. Partners, an equity firm. Not a bad resume for a 49-year-old.

Robert E. Denham
- A partner at Munger, Telles & Olson LLP
- Former Chairman and CEO at Salomon, Inc.

Beth Rudin DeWoody

- Presides over her family's philanthropic foundation, The May and Samuel Rudin Family Foundation, Inc.
- Grandfather, Samuel Rudin, was an early supporter of the New York City Marathon and the race's trophy is named after him

Strachan Donnelley
- President and founder of Center for Humans and Nature
- Also serves on advisory bo
ards at the University of Chicago, Yale Institute of Biospheric Studies and National Humanities Center, among others

Nancy Dorn
- Profess
ional lobbyist
- Special Asst. of Legislative Affairs for Reagan Administration from 1988 to 1989. Held same position for George Bush, Sr. until 1990
- Appointed Budget Director at th
e White House by President George W. Bush

The New School
Douglas D. Durst
Durst is co-chairman of New York W
ater Taxi, a way of getting around town by boat instead of foot. He also co-owns of one of the largest organic farms in New York. He is on the Board of Directors for The Town Hall, a non-profit organization that hosts different arts events, and is the third generation to run the Durst Organization, a real-estate developer. Among other accomplishments, the Durst Organization is currently building the “world’s most environmentally responsible high-rise building,” according to their website, which will be located at One Bryant Park. He also owns the CondeNast tower on the Upper West Side, and the Lorillard Building. But his real claim to fame is the national debt clock near Times Square, which his father built in the 1980s.

Walter A. Eberstadt

- Limited Managing Director of Lazard Freres & Co. LLC, a private investment banking firm
- Chairman of the Advisory Board for the World Policy Institute

Cheryl Cohen Effron

Michael B.G. Froman

- Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer of Citigroup Alternative Investments
- Has served as Chief of Staff a
nd Deputy Assistant of Security for Eurasia and the Middle East in the U.S. Department of Treasury under the Clinton Administration
- Former editor of the Harvard Law Review

Michael J. Fuchs
- Founder of the Michael Fuchs Charita
ble Foundation
- Former head of sports and original programming divisions at HBO
- Former Chairman and CEO o
f Warner Music Group, but resigned under pressure

Nancy A. Garvey
- Volunteer, advisor
, fundraiser and board member at Bronx Preparatory Charter School
- Former senior financial analyst at General Motors

Michael E. Gellert (Vice Chair)

- Presiding Independent Director for Six Flags, Inc.
- A director of Humana Inc., a health insurance provider

Paul A. Gould
- Managing Director and Executive Vice President of Allen & Company, an investment bank (a factor behind the Disney and ABC merger)

Susan U. Halpern
- President of the Sirius Fund

Jane D. Hartley
- Vice President of Westinghouse Broadcasting and Cable
- Former Associat
e Assistant to President Jimmy Carter

William E. Havemeyer (Vice Chair)

William H. Hayden
- Senior Managing Director of Bears, Stearns and Co.
- Sat on President Lyndon Johnson's National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders
- Has raised billions
of dollars for pet projects in Atlanta and New York

George W. Haywood
- Private investor

- Former Managing Director for Lehman Brothers, a global investment bank

Leo J. Hindery, Jr.
- CEO of Global Crossin
g Ltd., a worldwide telecommunications company
- Chairman and CEO of GlobalCenter Inc., “Australia’s Premier Data Centre”

Robert T. Hoerle

- Member of Reich and Tang, an assessment management company

Michael J. Johnston

The New School
Richard Kauffman
Ever wonder what it’s like to have a rather important job in a company that's worth over $3-billion? Well, if you see Kauffman wandering through the halls of The New School, be sure to ask him: Kaufman is Chief Executive of Good Energies, a large investor in renewable energy. He also serves on the New York Philharmonic's board, Foreign Policy Association (a non-profit organization that looks to educate the public about U.S. foreign policy) and Yale School of Management's Board of Adv
isors, among others.

Bob Kerrey
- President of The New School
- U.S. Senator of Nebraska, 1989-2001
- Actual first name is Joseph

Eugene Lang
- Founder of the I Have a Dream Foundation and REFAC Technology Development Cooperation
- Awarded the Presidential M
edal of Freedom by President Clinton in 1996
- Has a college named af
ter him

Bevis Longstreth
- Retired lawyer; now writes books
- President Reagan appointed him Commissioner of the Securities and Exchange Commission

Robert B. Millard (Treasurer)
- Managing Director of Lehman Brothers, Inc., a global investment bank
- Director of L-3 Communications Corporation, a manufacturer of electronic communications equipment, principally for the defense industry

Robert H. Mundheim

- Counsel to Shearman & Sterling, an international law firm
- Former Senior Executive Vice President and General Counsel of Salomon Smith Barney Holdings, Inc.

Eileen Naughton
- Head ad salesperson at Google
- Former Time magazine employee

Jonathan Newcomb

- President and CEO of Cambium Learning, a company that provides materials and technology to K-12 school programs

Nancy Peretsman
- Current Director of Priceline.com
- Managing Director and Executiv
e Vice President of Allen and Co. LLC, an investment bank
- A Trustee at Princeton Univ

Richard Reiss, Jr.
- Chairman of Georgica Advisors, LLC, a private investment management firm
- Director at The Lazard Funds, Inc., also an investment firm

Ramon J. Rodriquez

The New School
Joshua Sapan
Sapan has the distinction of being the only member on the Board of Trustees to be on IMDb.com, along with Regis Philbin and Bob Balaban. Sapan leads Rainbow Media Holdings LLC., which has created such television networks as American Movie Classics, fuse, Independent Film Channel and Women’s Entertainment. He began his tenure at Rainbow Media as president. Four years later, he switched to Chief Operating Officer. Since then, the company has annually posted net revenu
es of over $1-billion. Outside of serving for The New School, he is also on the board for the American Museum of the Moving Image and the International Radio and Television Society Foundation.

Philip Scaturro (Chairman)
- Managing Director at Allen & Company, an investment firm.
- Treasurer of the Board for Lincoln Center's New York City Opera

James C. Slaughter
- Philanthropist
- Trustee at The School of
American Ballet and Carnegie Hall

Malcolm B. Smith
- Professor at The New School for Social Research

William J. Snipes
Snipes is a partner at Sullivan & Cromwell, a prestigious law firm. He has also been involved in antitrust litigation with the crude oil industry, the NFL and “Big Tobacco” companies. He graduated from Harvard Law School in 1986. Otherwise, information on this fellow is hard to come by.

Elliot Stein
- Chairman of Caribbean International News Corporation
- Owner of a San Juan-based newspaper, *El Vocero de Puerto Rico*

Julien J. Studley (Vice Chair)
- Principal at Studley New Vista Associates, which is currently involved in real estate investments, providing affordable housing and consulting
- Founded Julien J. Stud
ley, Inc., a commercial real estate brokerage firm, in 1954. Its employees bought out the firm in 2002

Sally Susman
- Executive Vice President for Global Communications at The Estee Lauder Companies, Inc.
-Had several high-level communications and government relations posts at American Express Company

The New School
Stephen C. Swid
As Chairman and CEO of SESAC, Inc., one of the only three performing rights organizations in the United States, Swid is at the forefront of pushing for songwriters and publishers to be compensated for their music. Without SESAC and the other two companies like it, people would essentially be able to steal other people’s music with no retributions. Some of the artists that have used SESAC include Justin Timberlake, Jimi Hendrix and Bob Dylan. Swid has also sponsored events at the MoMA, Metropolitan Museum and Guggenheim.

Tomio Taki
- Japanese textile magnate
- Gave Donna Karan, who gives a lecture series at Parsons, a job
- Developed his own style of Japanese management that allows each employee to work in any capacity

John L. Tishman (Vice Chair)
- Chairman and CEO of Tishman Real Estate Services
- Played a crucial role in building the World Trade Center and Epcot, of Walt Disney World

George Walker (Vice Chair)
- Global Head of the Investment Management Division at Lehman Brothers Holdings, Inc.

William D. Zabel, Esq.
- Secretary for the American Foundation for AIDS Research
- Member of the Board of Doctors of the World, an international organization that deals in health and human rights services in disenfranchised areas

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Richard said...

Very interesting review of the Board of Trustees. I would imagine that further digging can be done on some of the more noteworthy ones, both as members of the establishment (thinking the various Reagan administration appointees) and also the more "lang friendly" ones (thinking the Green Energy guy, the Pulitzer Prize winner, etc.) This is definitely a welcome breaking down of the wall that had hitherto protected the board of trustees from any scrutiny. Well done!