Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Op-Ed: Lang's Naughty Numbers

Facts, Figures, and Fabrications

Women enrolled at Lang: 71% [The New School Fact Book, Fall 2006]

Men: 29% [Fact Book, ‘06]

Chance for girl-girl-boy ménage-a-trois: 23% [math courtesy of Eric Hollerbach]

Number of women at Lang: 757

Chance a Lang woman will find a date among the 646 Parsons men: 0

Student Culture

In-state students: 24% [Collegeboard.com]

Students ripe for corrupting: 76%

Students accepted with a High School GPA below 2.5: 1% [Collegeboard.com]

Students reminiscent of sexy sorority sluts: 1%

Number of intercollegiate sports offered at Lang: 0

Number of intercollegiate sports offered at Columbia University: 33 [Collegeboard.com]

Instances of date rape at Columbia for every one (1) at Lang: 33

Average GPA of students congregating in northeast corner of courtyard: 4.20

International Student Body

Number by which the entire Lang student body out-numbers international Parsons students: 84 [Fact Book ‘06]

Number of Lang international students: 36 [Fact Book Fall, ‘06]

Chance for sexy accents at Lang: 3.7%

Chance Parsons international students would overthrow Lang in a coup: 4%

Race and Ethnicity

Approximate number of times an average student will hear the word “diversity” on a given day at Lang: 12

Number of reported white women enrolled: 465 [Fact Book, Fall ‘06]

Number of reported African American women: 29 [Fact Book, Fall ‘06]

Number of reported white men: 228 [Fact Book, Fall ‘06]

Number of reported African American men: 9 [Fact Book, Fall ‘06]

Rank on The Princeton Review Best 361 Colleges category “Lots of Race/Class interaction": 10

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