Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Arts: Theater: Strom Thurmond Is Not a Racist/Cleansed

By Amber Sutherland

Those wacky racists are at it again in Strom Thurmond Is Not a Racist and Cleansed, consecutive one-acts by Thomas Bradshaw at Brooklyn’s Immediate Theater Company. Each play alerts its liberal audience to the horrors of racism via irony and Jose Zayas’ after school special style of directing. The first act, a pseudo-bio of dead bigot Thurmond, might have been interesting were it not for Makeda Christodoulos’ awful, shouting portrayal of dual roles (Thurmond’s mistress and daughter). Cleansed is much better, thanks largely to Barrett Doss’ comparatively good turn as an African-American skinhead.

Rating: Try to sneak in after intermission.

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