Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Arts: Theater: At Least It's Pink

Richard Mitchell
Bridget Everett gets wasted while Kenny Mellman watches, in At Least It’s Pink.

By Najva Soleimani

What do you get when you mix a fat nympho, a gay man, and a director of Sex and The City, Michael Patrick King? The one-woman show, At Least It’s Pink.

The performance begins with Bridget Everett informing the audience that she is, “like a hooker with a heart. Except I don’t have a heart. And I don’t charge.” If you like the first line, then rejoice—because it’s only foreplay. Everett is there to tit-elate, and she’s got the one-night stand stories to prove it.

Bridget is full of story and song, entertaining the crowd like an XXX Barney. And with the theatre so small and personal, XXX Barney loves to come and sit with the crowd and engage them—by asking old women their favorite sexual position. Or giving condoms to a cute Asian gay man. Or asking the whole audience to help her make fun of the straight man with the chain wallet.

Between gulps from her bottles of wine, Bridget Everett is likely to offend everyone. The woman has no limits. In the number called the two-for-one special, she does a jingle about getting twins aborted. It is embarrassingly funny (who, after all, is not ashamed at laughing at dead baby jokes? Other than Bridget, of course).

With lines like “Santa came early, and apparently all over my chest,” and “whiskey is like a warm hug on the inside,” she soon becomes the hilariously trashy drunk friend you ask for sex tips, and who comes with you to karaoke. Of course, you will end up having to mouth “sorry” to the bouncer as he drags her out the back door, her pants around her ankles and some man’s number scribbled on her hand.

The New York Times recently reported that the audience would leave the theatre, "ruing the day that fishnet was invented." But some happen to like a fat women singing while wearing a corset, fishnets, and a thong— it’s like opera with less clothing.

Even Bridget admits she’s “a big motherfucking woman," and adds, "Can you handle that shit?”

At Least It's Pink runs through April 1st at the Ars Nova Theatre.

Rating: I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly. Or maybe you are. Drink a shot first.

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