Sunday, February 18, 2007

Arts: Music: Various Artists, L-Tunes

By Najva Soleimani

What do Tori Amos, Peaches, Kelis and Nina Simone have in common other than the female anatomy? They're all on L Tunes: Music From and Inspired by The L Word.

While every half-decent lesbian has been asked to pick which member of The L Word cast they’d most like to bed, there’s now a new token question for lesbians everywhere, “What’s your favorite song off the L Word soundtrack?"

It's a strong selection, and each song is as diverse as The L Word’s characters, from tortured writer Jenny to sexy home-girl Papi. L Tune shouldn’t be listened to all the way through as with a traditional soundtrack—it's not an easy jump from Da Brat’s lusty hip-hop “In Love Wit Chu” to PJ Harvey’s dirty-rock “Down by the Water” or Fiona Apple’s soulful “Sleep to Dream” to The Protoypes' French dance “Je Ne Te Connais Pas.”

Instead, think of it as a musical buffet. You probably wouldn’t date every member of The L Word cast, so why would you like every song on the soundtrack? Pick a few, and take them, I mean your iPod, to bed and leave the rest.

Rating: Call me promiscuous, but I’d do 9/14 of ‘em.

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