Sunday, February 18, 2007

Arts: Music: Norah Jones, Not Too Late

By Alexandra Sourbis

Not Too Late
was released just at the right time, if you're looking for an interesting sound to be to be added to your MP3.

On January 30, New York City's own Norah Jones released her third major album Not Too Late. The album includes the pop and folk elements featured in her first two masterpieces, Come Away With Me and Feels Like Home, while adding a strong soul/jazz influence. It has definite potential and may swell Jones' Grammy collection from eight to nine. The album’s mellow sound leaves the listener completely satisfied, for not only are the instrumental aspects of the album mastered, but the lyrics are quirky, and songs such as “Little Room” and “Sinkin' Soon” are likely to make listeners chuckle.

When Jones is singing about oyster crackers and “wheels of cheese high in the sky,” it’s hard to take her melodramatic tone seriously. In early June, fans of Jones' will have the opportunity to see if this singing sensation will entertain in another realm of entertainment. This summer, she will star in Wong Kar Wai's *My Blueberry Nights* next to experienced actors Jude Law and Natalie Portman. Jones has shown so much musical growth and talent in *Not Too Late* that whether or not her acting career takes flight, she will continue to impress the music world with her amazing vocal and songwriting skills.

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