Sunday, February 18, 2007

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Mew, Frengers

By Julia Schweizer

First released in Europe in 2003, Dublin indie rock band Mew's Frengers (a mash up of “friends” and “strangers”) has finally dropped in the US. *Frengers* kicks off with "Am I Wry? No." Dry? Yes. Static and chorus-driven, the highlight of the music is undoubtedly "Snow Brigade," which had me humming along before the end of the song.

Like And the Glass Handed Kites, the band's debut that earned them indie cred in the US, Frengers has some redeeming qualities. Jonas Bjerre and Stina Nordenstam’s quiet vocal harmonies on “Her Voice is Beyond Her Years” made me forget the collision of monotonous electronic riffs and overly breathy vocals.

RATING: Not quite good, but not quite bad. Gad?

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