Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Arts: Film: Things We Lost in the Fire

By Courtney Nichols

There is only one thing I love more than a drunken Paula Abdul doing high-kicks on morning television: forced Halle Berry crying sessions. If her display of fake emotion was not enough at the 2002 Academy Awards, then Things We Lost in the Fire will satisfy all your cravings for single tear emotionless breakdowns. Drowning in close-ups of pupils (possibly the dope theme spawned memories of Requiem for a Dream) and gag-worthy acting that is captured by Berry's quote, "If I did not have children, I would just do heroin all day," this movie is quite possibly the worst ever made. And that's an understatement. The most disappointing aspect of the film is Benicio Del Toro, who unfortunately returns from his acting hiatus to co-star in this plotless, pointless, meaningless, made-for-Lifetime melodrama with no sense of direction. If you desire all the side effects of being a smack junkie, without actually doing the drugs, see this movie. It will surely drain every ounce of creativity from your soul. On a good note, the young boy in the movie has an uncanny resemblance to Justin Guarini.

Rating: At least it's not Catwoman. I think?

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Anonymous said...

Aw, really? It's that bad? Damn... I was looking forward to seeing Benicio do his thing in this. I heard the script was shit a few months ago though.

Thanks for sharing.