Sunday, February 18, 2007

Arts: Film: Race to Execution

Race to Execution. Director Rachel Lyons. March 27th on PBS.

By Courtney Nichols

Rachel Lyons' Race to Execution documents the racial profiling, segregation and prejudice that engulfs death row sentencing and media coverage of crimes against white victims by black perps.

Sadly, because of our country’s own inadequacies, the judicial system is littered with flaws that go unseen by the public. For instance, a predominantly white jury sentencing a black defendant is 70% more likely to issue the death penalty than a jury that is predominately black or divided equally. In most cases, these injustices go unnoticed or unquestioned and continue to take place. Though the documentary ultimately becomes tangled within its own narrative, Race to Execution still highlights disturbing issues currently plaguing our jails and courtrooms and, hopefully, will bring to light racial disparities in the judicial system and the agenda of an essentially racist media. With the help of viewer-supported PBS, *Race to Execution* will reach a greater audience—one, ideally, that is willing to work to stop discrimination.

Rating: Angry? Get out there and make a difference!

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