Monday, January 29, 2007

Arts: Music: P.O.S., The Audition

P.O.S., The Audition

If you gauge a sound's quality by region, a rapper from Minneapolis, Minnesota might not spark your immediate interest. But if you've had your ear to the ground, you'd know that hip-hop's movement towards fresher beats and thought-provoking lyrics owes a lot of its progress to Minneapolis based acts such as P.O.S., which can mean anything from "Promise of Skill" to "Piece of Shit."

Shocking life into the stopped heart of hip-hop, P.O.S.'s second album is electric. From the first track's dissonant, static-y guitar riffs to the aptly named "De La Souls," which samples from Bouncing Souls' masterpiece "Argyle," P.O.S.'s sound shouts CLEAR! before every song. He deals with personal topics, like being a black punk rocker and holding contempt for the President: "You see how my squad react/ we keep our hands warm with the damn patriot act," he raps in one track.

P.O.S. is for the hip-hop enthusiast who appreciates the craft for its catharsis and power, or for the punk rocker who will admit to enjoying the first two Eminem records. So, cop this album before hip-hop flat-lines.

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