Thursday, December 28, 2006

News: What’s the (Holiday) Haps?

Untitled” by Kim Iacono

By Liza Minno

Here at "What's The Haps?" we like to kid around and have some fun (we do have fun, right?) Anyways, it’s the holidays now and you know what that means: seriously copious consumption.

That's NOT FUN, gentle reader. Not fun at all. American over-consumption is not fun for sweatshop laborers, for the environment, or for keeping any semblance of personality in our neighborhoods or originality in our thought. Marketing is big business and--not to be dramatic here--it’s dropkicking your soul, body-slamming your mind and sucker punching your earth!!! We (Americans) are expected to add one million extra tons of waste to garbage piles in the weeks between Thanksgiving and New Years. We’re also each expected to spend $791 this holiday season on various crap that some wealthy capitalist has manipulated us into believing has something to do with love, affection, family, patriotism or religion. So stand up, shake off those lies, and start consuming responsibly! Seriously!

Don't worry, though: being socially responsible doesn’t mean you can’t have some serious fun...

Get It While It's Hot! Sat 12.02 - 12.16 (Closing 12.16 7-11pm) @ AdHocArt, 49 Bogart Street, East Williamsburg/Bushwick, Brooklyn (Take the L to Morgan Avenue, get out at the Bogart St. exit). Get It While It's Hot is an exhibition of fine arts, film for thought, and live music, inspiring all of the senses through an exploration of consumption. Promoting the talents of local multimedia artists and the idea of consuming with a conscience, this event is open to the public for only two weeks, so come BUY! Half of the art-sales proceeds are donated to Trees Not Trash (, a local non-profit organization. The bazaar guides us into a world of delicious, mindful, thrifty shopping, offering eclectic, hand crafted, fair trade and socially responsible products and affordable art. Did we mention the cheap drinks?! Anyone!

Brooklyn Fair Trade has a booth at this year’s Bryant Park Holiday Market. The easiest way to find the booth will be to enter Bryant Park via the 6th Ave. entrance, halfway between 40th St. and 42nd St. The booth will be located just inside the entrance and near the fountain. Come to shop and get your ice skate on for FREE while you’re there. M-F: 11AM-8PM; Sat: 10AM-9PM; Sun: 10AM-6PM, through December 31st.

MF Gallery (157 Rivington St.) is getting ready for the 2006 MF TOYS SHOW. Do you know what to get for that childhood-nostalgic friend of yours? Your kids? How about a hand-made toy that’s also a one-of-a-kind work of art instead of a plastic or vinyl mass-marketed piece of doo doo? The fourth annual MF Gallery Art Toy Show will include toys by: MF Toys, Sauerkids, Angie Mason, Mike Maas, Annette E. Padilla, Aaron Tompkins, House Of Ingri, Les Barons, Tyson Summers, Parskid, Queenie, Cupco!, Creature Co-op, Jenny Harada, Meredith Dittmar and many many more. MF TOYS SHOW: through December 22, 2006.

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