Thursday, December 28, 2006

Editorial: Can’t We All Just Chillax?

Stop for a second. Breathe in deep. Find your power animal. Repeat to yourself: “Just two more weeks. Just two more weeks.” Soon enough, you’ll be done.

For all the coffee we’ve sneaked into the UCC, the snarky little emails we’ve been sending each other, the way we’ve all shamelessly disregarded our deadlines and how late we’ve all been staying up night after night, you’d swear tha
t we here at Inprint were poised to go for each other’s jugulars at any moment. We can only imagine how some of you are feeling. Finals bring out the worst in everyone.

But let’s not completely lose touch here. It’s less than two weeks before winter vacation. Soon, we’ll all be lounging in La-Z-Boys, sofas or plushy bucket chairs, whether in our dorm rooms, apartments or far, far away from this frigid, windy city, sipping copious amounts of hot apple cider, biting the heads off of sugary
-sweet little gingerbread men and getting totally shit-faced on special eggnog. And don’t forget those freshly baked brownies, still smokin’ when you pull them out of the oven!

That’s what winter break is all about—blowing off steam. There’s plenty of steam to let loose, living here in New York. Be patient, though: freedom is just around the corner.

We know, we’ll all be back here on January 19th, ready or not, to start the drudgery again. But let’s think positively about it. Spring will be so much better after this nice, long breather. Plus, before you know it, summer will be near—and you’ll have yet another opportunity to take it easy and drink a lot of Colt 45.
-Peter Holslin

Happy New Year from all of us at Inprint
Inprint Staff of Fall, 2006: Liz Adams, Alison Bensimon, Rob Buchanan, Nadia Chaudhury, Nora Costello, Sophie Friedman, Elisabeth Garber-Paul, Leijia Hanrahan, Rob Hartmann, Kayley Hoffman, Peter Holslin, Gary Karp Jr., Ben Kelly, Kelly Klein, Jen Kolic, Josh“Jim Jam” Kurp, Blake Leonard, Yony Leyser, Tyler Magyar, Matthew Mann, Kaitlin McQuaide, Liza Minno, Courtney Nichols, Hannah Papageorge, Magali Pijpers, Alexander Porter, Sophie Okulick, Hannah Rappleye, Samantha Schlaifer, Julia Schweizer, Najva Soleimani, Amber Sutherland, Avi Tepfer, Linh Tran, Monica Uszerowicz, Lee Varian, Almie Rose Vazzano, Zach Warsavage, Chelsea Werner, John Zuarino

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