Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Arts: Theater: Spring Awakening

Spring Awakening

By Courtney Nichols

At least it's not Disney. While attempting to be as different as possible, Spring Awakening is a stereotypical coming-of-age Broadway musical that is awkwardly acted and just as awkward to watch. The play, strangely set in 1890s Germany, attempts to fit every possible teenage rebellion story into a two-hour rock opera. If nothing else, at least one can say they saw teenage boobs, PG sex and a man masturbating in front of middle-schoolers. As author and lyricist Stephen Sator aptly noted, “this is not a Sondheim musical.” Thanks be to God for that—if it were, Sondheim might just shit himself.

Rating: Bad sex, cheap drugs, and rock ‘n roll.

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vince said...

Ugh, thoroughly disagree with your review. I wish you would tell people why you felt it was awkward instead of coming across like a theatre snob who only loves Sondheim. There is nothing in your review which lets the reader decide for themselves whether he or she would enjoy it. Thankfully, others will be able to get a more measured view from the unanimous critical raves this show has received from every single major critic across the country.