Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Arts: Music: Sufjan Stevens, Songs for Christmas

Sufjan Stevens, Songs for Christmas
By Kayley Hoffman

I hope you’ve been a good little Langer this year, because Sufjan Stevens' box set of Christmas tunes is coming to town! The annual project, started in Stevens' kitchen in 2001, has now evolved into a 5-disc compilation featuring traditional Christmas faves (“Joy to the World,” “O Holy Night”) and original gems (“Christmas in July," "Put the Lights on the Tree"). Each tune is personalized with Stevens' signature banjo, recorder and piano, which will undoubtedly compel you to bust out the eggnog and a baby Jesus while getting your Christmas boogie on. Don’t be a Scrooge, buy the CD online—the box set includes fun novelties like a Christmas comic, stickers, a songbook with chord charts and a short story by Santa Sufjan himself.

Rating: 10 Yuletide banjos-a-strumming.

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