Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Arts: Andy and Edie, Together Again

By Sophie Okulick & Hannah Papageorge

If you walk down Madison Avenue past Barneys this holiday season, you'll notice a window display featuring Andy Warhol's classic motifs. This season, the Pop Art icon returns to his old stomping grounds: fashion-forward New York City. With the opening of Factory Girl, starring style icon Sienna Miller, the swinging '60s have invaded closets everywhere with short mod dresses, mink coats and tubes of black mascara. To target the young and rich Edie-wannabes, Barneys couldn't have chosen a better or more eye-catching display. The publicity that Warhol receives from these industries is altering his reputation, making him into more of a celebrity than he was and, consequently, detracting from his standing as a fine artist. As we enter the new year, Barneys, in giving over their prime window-front to the display, has chosen Warhol to represent the future of fashion. The crowds swarming to the window to catch a glimpse of these infamous and artful creations are so large that it’s almost impossible to get a picture. The plastic, humanoid figures on display look real enough to bring Warhol and Sedgwick back from the dead.

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