Monday, November 27, 2006

Op-Ed: Got A Gripe: Getting in the Door, With and Without Your ID

By Sophie Friedman
      What’s up with needing a swipe card to get in to the 11th St. building, but just being able to stroll in on the 12th St. side?
      Numerous calls to the security department went unanswered and unreturned, so to get some answers, I went to speak with Larry, a guard and frequent figure behind the security desk in 12th St. Larry curtly informed me that “You can’t walk in this building without an ID.”
      No less than 20 seconds had passed when a student walked in. Larry, always on his guard, said hello and waved. I asked him how this student just walked in without an ID. “How do you know I don’t know him?” Larry angrily asked.
      Last year, students were supposed to get white keycards that would swipe us in on 11th St. I admit that I promptly lost mine. I was told the new student IDs can swipe you in, but I have tested more than one. They do not work.
      The school is concerned about our safety, but locking us out on one side of the block while the other remains open is pointless and frustrating.

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