Monday, November 27, 2006

News: Lang Introduces Tenure

By Linh Tran
      The Provost’s office recently gave a mandate for all divisions to have a set of standards for tenured positions by the end of the fall semester.
      The New School for Social Research is the only division that currently offers tenure. So, this is a landmark decision in the history of the university.
      Tenure guarantees professors job security and a greater degree of academic freedom to design their curriculum and conduct research, among other things. Offered at most colleges and universities, it is recognized as a stamp of accomplishment.
      The university currently has tenure-track and tenure at the New School for Social Research and renewable term contracts at Lang, Parsons and The New School for General Studies. Tenure-track professors are eligible for tenure but have not applied for the position. Renewable term contracts at undergraduate divisions last five years and can only be renewed once.
      By the end of the fall semester, tenure standards will be in place and they will be considered and approved by the office of the provost.
      “Whatever happens at Lang, everyone on the faculty cares deeply about teaching,” said Neil Gordon, chair of the writing department and member of the Lang Appointments and Personnel Committee. “That is the essence of Lang’s identity.”
      Tenure will provide a more stable and available faculty line-up for students, said Lang Dean Jonathan Veitch, during a Dean’s Forum two weeks ago.

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