Monday, November 27, 2006

Arts: Q&A: Janeane Garofalo

Written & Photographed by Yony Leyser

      Inprint caught up with actress, comedian and professional cynic Janeane Garofalo to talk politics during the CMJ Festival in early November.
Inprint: What do you think about focusing on the war in Iraq while putting social issues, like abortion and gay marriage, on the back burner?
Janeane Garafalo: I would say the country is not doing it, I would say the conservative voices that dominate that media narrative are doing it.
It is not an essential concern of the average citizen nor should it be part of the government. There should be a separation of the church and state and the social issues, which are just red herrings to distract people from the war.
The gay bashing, the anti-choice movement, the anti-stem cell, anti-science, anti-intelligence movement of the theocrats, and the corporatists who use them…that’s not the country, that’s the corporate media, conservative-bias media and the Republican politicians.
I: What do you think about the responses of the music and entertainment industries?
J.G.: Well I think their response is great, as it’s always been. There are always a lot of musicians and comedians who are fantastic social critics. That’s always been the way it is. It’s not always in the mainstream maximum rotation, but Green Day moves millions and millions of units with American Idiot. There are documentaries that Michael Moore makes that are huge blockbusters.
I: What do you think of CMJ?
J.G.: I don’t know. I just got here.

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